Food Warmers

From Ultra-Glo™ to Glo-Ray® to Infra-Black®, only Hatco offers a complete line of superior foodwarmers. Portable holding cabinets and Drawer Warmers hold food at optimum serving temperatures, allowing operators to prepare food in advance of peak periods. With more foodwarming combinations than anyone else in the industry, Hatco is the ultimate reliable heat source.

Designer Glo-Ray Model GR2BW-30
Buffet Warmer in optional black
Designer color with accessory
food pans

Glo-Ray ® Model GRAIH-36
Infra-Black ® Foodwarmer with
optional wire guard (Remote
Control Enclosure required) 

Designer Glo-Ray Model GR2S-30
Heated Shelf with optional Designer
color inset panels and accessory
pizza pans

Drawer Warmer Model HDW-3 
with accessory casters 

Split Drawer Warmer
Model HDW-1R2
with accessory food pans

Glo-Ray ® Model GRAH-30 
Foodwarmer with optional
Designer color and infinite
switch and accessory C-Leg
stand over Glo-Ray Model
GRS-24-1 Heated Shelf in
optional Designer color with
accessory food pans 

Ultra-Glo TM UGAHL-60D
Ceramic Dual Foodwarmer with
lights and optional Gleaming Gold
finish (Remote Control Enclosure

Glo-Ray Model GRFFL
Portable Foodwarmer with optional
display sign holder (graphic not included), 
Designer color and accessory food pan. 

Glo-Ray Model GRFHS-21
Fry Holding Station with
accessory 7 pleat hardcoated
fry bag ribbon

Flav-R-Savor ® Model FSHC-6W1
Low Profile Portable Holding
cabinet with accessory food pans 

Conveyor Toasters

Hatco Conveyor Toasters offer the superior quality, durability and functionality Hatco is known for, plus the most advanced features in the industry. Hatco assures you of consistent color, delicious results and satisfied customers. With model capacities of 300 to 1500 slices per hour of bread, buns, bagels. English muffins and frozen waffles, Hatco is your best buy.


Toast-Qwik ® Model TQ-800
Conveyor Toaster with
patent pending Colorguard
Sensing System, state-of-
the-art electronic controls
and power save mode

Model TQ-800HBA
Conveyor Toaster with
3" (8 cm) opening. 

Model TQ-10
with conveyor speed
to adjust tasting time

Toast King ® Model TK-135B
Conveyor Toaster. 

Toast King Model TK-72
Conveyor Toaster

Heated Merchandisers

Safe and convenient, Hatco Merchandisers create impulse sales while ensuring food safety. Ideal for buffet lines, snack bars, concession stands and mobile food carts, Hatco offers a complete range of hot food merchandising solutions for "show and sell" operations. For out-front eye-appeal, hot food quality, safety and ultimate convenience, nothing matches the Hatco way to profitable holding.


Flav-R-Fresh ® Model FDW-1
Impulse Display Cabinet with
rotating 4-tier circle rack and
accessory decals and
pizza pans

Flav-R-Savor ® Model FSDT-1X
Humidified Display Cabinet with
4-tier pan rack and optional
Designer colors, accessory
decals and food pans 

Flav-R-Fresh Model FDW-1-MN
Macho Nacho™ Chip Warmer
with standard decals

Glo-Ray Model GRSDS/H-36DHW
Merchandiser with high wattage,
horizontal top shelf and slanted
bottom shelf 

Glo-Ray Model GRHD-3PD
Heated Display Case with pan
rail and optional mirrored glass
doors and accessory food pans

Glo-Ray Model GRHW-1SGS
Mini-Merchandiser with
personnel protector, sign
holder and five hard coated
bins (graphics not included). 

Flav-R-Savor Model WFST-2X
Large Capacity Merchandising
Cabinet with slanted stationary
rack, optional self-closing sliding
doors and accessory sheet pans

Glo-Ray Model GRBW-30
Buffet Warmer with accessory
front, side enclosures and sign
holder (graphics not included). 

Designer Glo-Ray Model
GR2SDS-30D Slanted Shelf
Merchandiser with Designer
color inset panels

Glo-Ray Model GRCDH-3PD
Humidified Designer Dual Shelf
Heated Display Case with pan
skirt, optional Designer color
and accessory food pans. 

Booster Water Heaters

Hatco provides hot water for all your sanitizing needs with Hatco electric and gas Booster Water Heaters that provide 180 F (82 C) final rinse water to dishwashing operations for cleaner, safer and more efficient sanitization. Sanitizing sink heaters and bain-marie/food rethermalizers complete the line. Hatco - the dependable choice for your foodservice needs.


Compact Electric Booster
Heater Model C-24

Imperial Electric Booster Heater
Model S-54 for sanitizing not
rinse water 

Powermite ® Gas
Booster Water Heater
Model PMG-200

Hydro-Heater Food
Rethermalizer Model
FR2-6 for reconstituting
frozen foods 

Innovative Technology

Hatco offers cost-effective solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of foodservice operations - equipment that holds food safety, improves workflow, speeds preparations, saves labor and increases sales. With maximum performance and quality products, Hatco is always offering new opportunities to improve your bottom line.


Food Finisher
Model TF-4619
with accessory
food pan

Patented heated glass technology
offers double the holding capacity
with Glo-Ray ® Model GRHW-1SGD
Mini-Merchandiser in optional
Designer color with sign holder
(graphic not included) 

Atmospheric Hot Water Dispenser
Model AWD-12 offers pre-measured
hot water on demand for beverages,
sauces, soups, gravy, cereals, rice,
pasta, potatoes, gelatin and more