Steam Food Cookers

Roundup offers a complete line of steam cookers for the operator who wants greater control over his cooking and reduced energy coasts. Steam cooking saves considerable energy and can be cooked in a more controlled atmosphere. Delicate foods like poached eggs, vegetables, shrimp, lobster and frozen foods can be cooked to perfection time and time again. Foods can be heated and reconstituted with a minimum of attention. A signal light notifies the operator when the cooking cycle is completed. For rush items, a push button is included. Simply press the button and products like hamburgers and hot dog buns, sliced meat sandwiches and melted cheese on hamburgers are on their way to customers in seconds. When you need a steamer without the cost and size of a full-size steam table look to Roundup for all your needs.

Deluxe Vertical Contact Toaster

For years, operators had to choose between a hot hamburger bun or quick pass through times. Using advanced technology, the new Roundup Deluxe Vertical Contact Toaster gives you both. Sophisticated controls allow the operator complete adjustability to produce the color and temperature best suited for their requirements. Electronic controls measure the surface and air temperature in the toasting chamber, producing consistently hot, golden brown toast at a speed that will keep up with even the highest volume locations.