A great little slicer

The slicing machine made of anodized aluminium alloy has the advantage of an easy cleaning and is very hygienic. The cut thickness adjusting knob is very sensitive and enables a millimetric adjustment. The easy and precise sharpening set makes the work of the users easier by keeping the edge of the blade always sharp, for a very good cut of food. The carriage, running on self-lubricating bushes, has an exceptional fluency and you can cut also heavy sausages, roast-beef, cheese, fish, hard meat.
Though this is a small slicer, it has all the advantages and the features of the big slicers.

Topaz 275

TC 12E-22E


Meat Processing Machine range
1001 ways to process meat

To cater for the needs of a large and important sector of the market-the one concerned with meat processing at all levels - Sirman offers a wide and diversified selection of professional tools, such as meat mincers, bone saws sausage fillers, mixers and many other useful appliances.

These appliances are made in strict compliance with the standards relating to the safety of foodstuffs and are characterized and distinguished on the market by a remarkable versatility, a very high efficiency in use and extremely accurate hygienic features, guaranteed by the use of all non-toxic materials an b a design that ensures quick and easy dismantling.


The best technique for perfect results

Sausagefiller of simple designe, but manufactured with high quality materials and details:

  • Strong structure made of stainless steel AISI 304;
  • automatic return of the piston with automatic switching off;
  • motor is in operation only during pushing up;
  • 24 V controls;
  • stainless steel lid and pad;
  • outside rubber castors for easier handling and more steadiness;
  • lid lifting system.


A bright and modern style combining practicality and design

Aluminium bone saws Model SO 1650 - 1840 F Machines of modem design, reliable and simple to use, made of anodized aluminium, shining, hygienic and rustproof.

Complete with pressing arm, portion measuring device, 24 Volt switch relay and microswitch on blade coverage. Easy and precise regulation of the pulley, adjustable in height and in inclination up-down or left-right, to assume the best contact of the blade.

Easy cleaning thanks to two construction features:
1. All electric parts are housed in the back side of the machine.
2. By unscrewing two handles e possible to take off blade, pulley and pulley support, so that there is a flat surface to be cleaned.

SO 1650 F



A jewel of experience that gives every kitchen that special touch

Stainless steel AISI 304 construction; the motor and the bowl are placed side by side. ( C9 - C6 - C4), motor and bowl are separate ( C15) for more compactness and better thermical isolation between motor and product.
An essential instrument in kitchens that makes it possible to cut, to chop, to knead and to whip different products without changing knives.
All models comply with safety regulations thanks to NVR device, microswitch on the lid, 24 V controls and bottom coverage.


A great success at every blow!

Really versatile and easy to use vegetable cutters, suitable for processing any kind of vegetables and fruits, mozzarella cheese, etc.
The product falls directly into the container below without using plastic ejectors and this allows you to process soft cheeses, delicate fruits or vegetables with equal ease. The construction is made of high-impact hygienic materials, such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum and alimentary ABS.
Stainless steel or aluminium hopper lid are completely removable for easy cleaning and changing of accessories. Heavy-duty ventilated motors. Wide selection of discs and grids, suitable for all applications.
The TM vegetable cutter 15 manufactured in accordance with safety regulations and is CE approved.

TM inox




Innovative whichever way you look at it

Electric potato peeler, manufactured entirely in stainless steel.

Standing to all safety requirements with NVR device, safety microswitch on door and on lid, lead scram with unclamping.
Poli V belt speed reducer easily adjusting.
Unloading door in Stainless Steel for mod. PP4, in anodized aluminium for mod PP8- 15. Adjustable feet. Transparent lid to control the working phase. On request trestle with rejects collector sieve.


For heating, browning and trouble-free cooking

These electric Salamanders are made completely of stainless steel AISI 304: they are ideal for heating, baking au gratin, cooking pizza, sandwiches, meats etc.
They are provided with a symosthat for adjusting the intensity of heat, which is signalled by one lamps on the Fixed Salamander and by two lamps on the Movable one. Gridiron and resistance protection grille are made of chromium-plated steel; the crumb pan can be taken off for an easy cleaning.
Fixed Salamander: the gridiron can be positioned on four levels as cooking requires. Movable Salamander: the upper part can be adjusted in height for a quick cooking and a minimal loss if heat.

Salamandra PRO I



For a modern kitchen, quick and done to perfection

Easy to handle and to clean, they are made entirely of stainless steel 430 F. They work by means of heating elements, protected by quartz tubes and are fit with a 15 minutes times. Toasters are ideal for heating up pizzas, sandwiches and ready-cooked food, for cooking hamburgers, wurstels, folls etc.


Minimum dimensions for maximum results

Thanks to its small size, it is easy to handle and to position, offering as well a large cooking surface.
It is available in three versions: plate L (smooth), plate R (ribbed).

Technical features:

  • stainless steel 430 F construction.
  • shock-proof heating elements 1600 W, mounted inside the plate for a perfect thermal conductivity.
  • adjustable,thermostat up to 300'C.
  • self balancing upper plate adjusts to different heights to halve cooking times and double performance.
  • ceramic coating not available on UL/NSF listed version

Elio L




All you need for a kitchen in line with the times

A complete range of tools with & high technological content and certified quality for recreating the typical American gastronomic tradition in Italy too.
Comprising a frankfurter cutter, a frankfurter spit and a frankfurter steamer, it has been designed with the greatest of care for the best possible preparation of snacks and meals-on-the-run, fully exploiting their flavor and appeal.
Without a doubt, the ideal solution for sandwich bars, snack bars and fast food outlets.


Smooth lines for cocktails of character

This line of bar machines is the most up-to-date expression of SIRMAN philosophy: the choice of new materials, the modern design, the observance of safety regulations are the most realistic answer to the evolution of technology and to the needs of modern catering.

The new milk shaker SIRIO is made of aluminium and alimentary ABS and features a soft and precise design. It is available in bar-top (1 or 2 jugs) or wall versions and has a three-whisk mixing system, a safety micro-switch on the jug, ON-OFF switch, Plexiglas jug. On request SIRIO can be equipped with variable speed drive, particularly suitable for preparing cocktails and sorbets, stainless steel jug and supporting ring for 55 cc. Paper glasses.
Optional: stainless steel 1 lt. Glass.

Sirio 2 W                        Sirio 1

Dragone cromato


Pure energy and power

DRAGOIVE is a perfect machine for new trend for cocktails.
1,5 liters glass in Texan; it allows preparation of I or 2 cocktails each time.
Powerful and silent running motor; it immediately reaches max. speed (I6.000 rpm).
Microswitch on the glass cover, when you remove it the machine stops. Hardened steel blades, with holders in cured rubber.- silent and long lasting.

Orione bicchiere inox

Orione doppio


For squeezing with passion

Professional squeezer made of impact resistant ABS with stainless stell inside construction and bowl. Microswitch on the cone. Self-ventilated motor with helical gear reducer. APOLLO is available in white or polished chromium plated versions. On request it can be equipped with variable speed drive and cover.
APOLLO WITH LEVER has the cover with lever which allows to squeeze citrus fruits by simply pressing it and has a higher stainless steel or plastic bowl (on request also for models without lever).
The squeezer is available also in the economy version with plastic receiving bowl.

Apollo ECO

Multiplo 3S/L



An expression of the Sirman "bar project", the 'Multiplo' group comes from the concept of a multi-purpose machine. Under its soft and attractive shape there is reliable technology, an evolution of machines such as Sirio (froappe), Apollo (citrus fruit squeezer ) and Drogone (mixer). Multiplo distinguishes itself from other machines in that it has motors especially dedicated to each specific purpose, therefore guaranteeing maximum reliability. The machine is enclosed by 2 sides which create a nice aesthetic effect and enable the engine compartment to be properly aired, furthermore they facilitate having access to electrical parts if maintenance is required.