At Cooper-Atkins Corporation, we take extreme pride in our service levels and in our customer relationships. These qualities have helped our business grow for 130+ years. As a leading manufacturer of environmental and innovative food safety solutions, we have a global reach and are a trusted resource for reliable, high-quality instruments and expert advice.

In today’s rapidly changing world, Cooper-Atkins Corporation continues to expand our technological capabilities, and we are committed to pursuing the potential of all measuring system technologies with the expertise to support them. We continue to meet the needs of our customers by remaining focused on the education and promotion of important industry issues, and providing the highest level of exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Cooper-Atkins 2200-07 Cooling Thermometer
Cooper-Atkins 3210 Grill Surface Thermometer
Cooper-Atkins 35100-K AquaTuff™
Cooper-Atkins 323 Roasting Thermometer
Cooper-Atkins DPP400W Pen-style
Cooper-Atkins TTM41 Coolit-Rite™ Cooling Validator