Tecnoeka: a beating metal heart that with passion and experience generates the fuel for global gastronomic excellence.

Tecnoeka manufactures professional ovens for restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops and snack realities. Professionals from all over the world rely on our products and based on the cardinal principles of our corporate philosophy, we satisfy our customers with reliable products characterized by quality, efficiency, technical progress, ease of use and optimal performance. Our goal is to continuously improve by simplifying the work of those who use our equipment as much as possible.

MKF 511 S
MKF 511 BM
MKF 511 TS
MKF 1011 S
MKF 1011 BM
MKF 1011 TS
MKF 464 S
MKF 464 BM
MKF 464 TS
MKF 1064 S
MKF 1064 BM
MKF 1064 TS
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